An icon pack like no other. A mix of icons and illustrations that will blow your mind.

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awesome designs

We build some of the best designed premium and free icons and illustrations.

Scalable vector icons

All icons are crafted using vector shapes in different formats and sizes.

Neatly organized files

All icons and illustrations are organized by category and each has a unique name.

It's Not Just An Icon Pack

Illustricons is an icon pack like no other. It includes 520 elements that were carefully designed with versatility in mind so that you have the ability to do more than you can ever imagine.

It's something more

Think of it as a mix of icons and illustrations that were created to suit your every need.

What You Get

520 vector icons

Every icon was created using vector shapes, which means they will be as crisp as possible regardless of size.

pixel perfection

Illustricons was built with great focus on perfection, making sure that all of the shapes are aligned to the Pixel Grid.

Here They Are



Clothes & Accessories

Food & Appliances

Design & Handmade

Web Design


  • version | 1.0
  • updated | September 7, 2015
  • license | multiple use
  • updates | free
  • support | included
  • AI | yes
  • EPS | yes
  • SVG | yes
  • PNG | yes
  • PDF | yes
Free Version Buy now | $48

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