Are you striving for that blue tick-of-approval from Instagram?

The Instagram blue checkmark has become one of the most sought-after social indicators. A “Verified” emblem next to a user’s name verifies that they are the “official representative” of a well-known public person, celebrity, or international company. Its original users were famous people who wanted to ensure their supporters were viewing the right profile when searching for them online.

Verification lends credibility and authenticity to influencers and businesses by showing followers they are legitimate.

When and where may I apply?

Before 2018, there was no method to actively pursue getting the blue checkmark, so you just had to cross your fingers and hope your account was selected. users need not be as well-known as Kylie Jenner to apply. How? Read on!

First, access your profile’s configurations via the “Account” tab.

Click the “Request Verification” button in the next step.

Log in with your Instagram or Facebook account.

Complete the application request form by entering the following information:

User I.D.

Name Complete

– Form of Document (it must be a government-issued photo ID in your name)

– What kind of account you have (options like “influencer” and “gamer” will appear).

Information about your target demographic (such as demographics, interests, and the like) is optional.

Names people know you by besides your given name(s) and any translations of your given name(s) into other languages are optional.

Links to publications or other social media accounts that demonstrate the public interest of your account are optional.

Finally, step five is to hit “send” and cross your fingers!

After Instagram has had a chance to look through your application, they will let you know whether or not you were approved. Don’t expect an immediate reply, and keep in mind that Instagram will never contact you through email or ask for payment related to this issue. It’s probably a fraud if you get something like that.

What can I do to make sure my application gets accepted?

Unfortunately, not all who seek confirmation will receive it. However, if you stick to these guidelines, you’ll have the best shot of getting that coveted tick mark:

Don’t act in a disobedient manner

You must treat the App’s TOS and Community Guidelines as though they were written only for you. Instagram will want you to play by their rules if they’re going to verify you.

Be genuine

Naturally, Instagram prefers that you are who you claim to be, whether that’s a human being (no bots permitted), a legitimate company, or a well-known brand.

Publish it

Surely your account is already public if you want that verification badge so badly. Great! Make sure your Instagram account is set to public before submitting a request, or else it will be denied.


Complete your Instagram profile by adding a compelling bio that tells people why they should follow you, a profile picture that reflects who you are, and at least one post (which we know you can easily accomplish).

Make an impactful appearance

If you want Instagram to authenticate your account, you need to’represent a well-known, widely searched for person, brand, or institution’ both inside and outside of the platform. Instagram will give you more credibility if you have been featured in media outlets outside of your own. You may want to wait until you have these things before applying if you are just starting out in your profession.

Engaging in any form of cross-promotion

Do not include links in your bio that would lead readers to your other social media profiles. Only point visitors in the direction of discoverable resources, such your website, store, blog, etc.

I got turned down! Now what?

After 30 days, you are welcome to reapply. During that time, you have ample opportunity to build your reputation and expand your fan base.

You’ve worked hard to get that blue checkmark on Instagram, so take care not to let it slip away. Keep your Instagram account public and active, and don’t use your profile photo or name to promote any other services without first consulting Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Keep in mind that Instagram validated you based on the data you provided when you first signed up.

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