How To Boost Your Brand Using Instagram Business Account?

One billion people use Instagram each month, and they all engage with visual content. That’s why a simple Instagram page isn’t enough for brands to attract new and returning customers anymore. Once your profile is live, you’ll have to do a lot more than just post content and wait for results. Instagram’s Business Profiles are perfect for this purpose.

Instagram Business Profiles offer a variety of features that make it simpler to reach your demographic than with a personal profile. Every day, Enplug assists businesses who use digital signs to display social network content. In reality, we’ve witnessed firsthand how the most successful clients make the most of Instagram’s business capabilities to boost brand’s visibility and interaction rates.

So, why is it that a company’s Instagram account might benefit from a Business Profile more than a personal one?

Instagram Accounts for Business and Personal Use

Instagram profiles can be created for free by individuals or businesses, and both types of accounts allow users to upload photos, videos, and stories.

Instagram’s business features are accessible through business profiles.

The tools available to business owners today allow them to reach a bigger audience with their posts, track the success of their content, convert their posts into shoppable catalogues, and make it simple for customers to get in touch. Instagram’s Insights, however, offer a treasure trove of information useful for learning about the preferences and demographics of your intended audience. Instagram organises this data into three sections within the app: actions, media, and users. In the following section, we’ll explore how you may use this information to expand your online following.
Increase the number of people who are interested in and engaged with the visual material your firm produces.

The integration of external content management systems is made possible by the company profiles.

In December 2018, Instagram made significant changes to its API, altering the ways in which third-party apps can access and interact with Instagram user data. Users need an Instagram Business Profile in order to access third-party apps for scheduling posts, sharing content, and managing communities, such as Buffer, Later, and Enplug. Individual profiles can only use the Instagram app for scheduling, commenting, and sharing.

User profiles can be kept secret if desired. One’s professional profile can be viewed by anyone.

When you upgrade to an Instagram Business Profile, your posts will be shown to the whole public. This restriction is not a negative aspect if expanding business knowledge and engagement is your ultimate goal.

A single Facebook profile can be linked to several different pages

In contrast, Facebook requires all company profiles to direct to the same page. Those companies that decide against creating a Facebook page for their brand might nonetheless link to an unpublished profile.

3 Ways to Increase Exposure & Interaction With Your Instagram Business Profile

You may be asking why you would want more capabilities when creating and distributing content for social media already takes so much effort. Instagram’s business features can help you obtain better results in less time after you’ve taken care of the basics of having a successful account, such as selecting a memorable profile photo and updating content consistently.

The statistics in the “Insights” section can guide your decision-making with each new article. With more resources at your disposal, how do you know where to begin?

Starting with your first post to your Business Profile, you can take advantage of these three features:

The ideal time of day and days of the week to reach and engage your audience can be found via Instagram Insights.
To view your Instagram Insights, go to your Instagram Business Profile and click the menu button in the top right corner.

Benefits of knowing your audience for marketing purposes

You can read all the articles you want on the ideal times to post to social media, but your own data will always be the most reliable source of information. The “Followers” data will tell you when and on which days your target audience is most active on Instagram. You may adapt your timetable to the shifting habits of your audience thanks to the fact that this information is updated more frequently than any blog article. Data in this section is representative of the norm; hence, holidays and other special events may cause deviations from the norm.

Find out what kinds of content perform best on Instagram and build on it

It’s mostly a matter of trial and error for the typical Instagram user to figure out what kind of stuff does well and what doesn’t. Thankfully, a Business Profile provides information that clarifies your performance and the factors that resonate with your target demographic.

Accessing your content analytics:

Select the drop-down arrow next to “Business Profile” in the top right corner. To view content, go to “Insights” then “Content.” You can determine which postings generated the most engagement by viewing their specific metrics like the number of comments, likes, and calls they received.

Use Instagram advertisements to promote your posts and increase exposure and interaction

The benefits of sponsored posts for your company:

Bringing in new clients is a crucial part of expanding your business. By paying to have your Instagram post promoted, you can reach people who might not have seen it otherwise. Just like when you boost a post on Facebook, your greatest bet is to promote content that has previously generated engagement from your current followers. The nicest part of promoting your post on Instagram is that you get to choose exactly what kind of people see it.

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