What Code Should I Use to Embedding an Instagram Feed on My Website?

How and why would you want to add an Instagram feed to your website? If you want to see a dramatic improvement in your website’s look and feel, you can’t afford to ignore this tactic. Your website is a crucial point of contact with your target demographic, therefore it has to be in top form.

As the fourth most popular social media site, the impact of the content produced there cannot be denied. Instagram users’ content is looked up to as a source of credibility before consumers make purchases based on it.

Including Instagram feeds is a potent strategy for a variety of reasons, including improving interactions, audience engagement, and social proof.

Instagram Content: Can It Be Embedded?

Taggbox does indeed make it simple to incorporate an Instagram feed into a website. Taggbox is a social media aggregator that allows Instagram feed to be collected and displayed on a website without the need for any specialised code.

Showcase everything from reels to movies to tales to highlights to hashtags to mentions and more. To further assist customers and make the most of their inspiration, you can also turn your product catalogue into a shoppable gallery.

Make your widget more user-friendly and applicable by utilising the available settings and filters. You may learn a lot about the widget’s performance thanks to the robust analytics tools.

How to incorporate Instagram feed on website is discussed here in a few simple steps.

Data Gathering > Content Moderation > Content Customization > Content Copying > Content Embedding.

What Code Should I Use to Embedding an Instagram Feed on My Website? (Highlights, Hashtags, Mentions, Profiles, etc.)

We’ve put together a guide that will teach you how to gather, organise, and integrate Instagram feeds on any website without the need for any specialised knowledge or complicated coding.

There is no need to worry if you don’t use a specific content management system for your website, since the Taggbox Widget tutorial provides detailed instructions for using the widget with all of the most common CMSs.

Sign up for Taggbox’s Widget Service

Access your Taggbox Widget account by logging in or creating one.
Select the “Add Social Feeds” button.

Choose an Instagram Feed Format

When prompted, choose Instagram as the location from which to get the posts.
To obtain Instagram postings, select the appropriate source format from the list below.
Hashtag (#) – Compiles the latest hashtagged posts from Instagram.
Using the @ symbol to collect Instagram content from a company account.
The ability to add Instagram Stories as webpage content.
Gather all Instagram posts in which your business was referenced by using the @ symbol.
Filter Instagram posts where you were mentioned by name.
Gather Instagram videos of all formats into one place.
Select the “Only Reels” checkbox below to only integrate Instagram reels into your website.
Posts from Your Individual Instagram Account Collect Instagram posts from your individual Instagram account.

Select the feed you want, then hit “Create Feed.”

Clicking “Create Feed” will send you to Instagram for a safe connection; while there, fill out the form to finish the connection. If your company account has many pages, Taggbox will show you all of them so you can select the appropriate one when adding Instagram feeds.

Embedding an Instagram feed is quick and easy with these instructions.

Where Can I Find Instructions on Adding Instagram Reels to My Website?

Brands would be wise to include Instagram Reels widgets into their websites, as the popularity of these videos continues to rise. A reel widget is a collection of solely Instagram reels.

In case you’re interested in creating an Instagram reels widget for your website, I’ve included a detailed guide with screenshots.

Selecting Instagram as the origin platform will open a new window.
Choose the appropriate cable type, and then make sure the “Only Reels” box is checked.
Connect your Instagram business account safely with Facebook by entering your login details.
In order to access the Taggbox Editor, click the “Create feed” button.
You’ve done a great job making an Instagram Reels widget. The Taggbox’s customizable layout and development tools make these changes possible.

What Code Do I Need to Insert Instagram Stories Into My Website?

Your Instagram tales are collected in one convenient widget. Every article published in the previous 24 hours will display here, and the stories will refresh automatically.

See how simple it is to select the best Instagram Stories and integrate them using Taggbox.

After deciding on Instagram as the initial connecting medium. Types of available connections will show up in a menu that pops up.
Select the stories you want to view, then hit the Instagram button.
Fill in the password to access the protected area.
To compile all of your articles, use the “Create feed” option.
The Taggbox Editor page is where you’ll be able to create your narrative Widget and manage its content.

Plan and Modify Your Instagram Feed Like a Pro

When using Taggbox, you have complete control over the presentation of your Instagram photos and videos. In Taggbox, you’re free to do whatever you likeā€”use different themes, alter the appearance and feel of your widget, or add to the already functionality in any way you see fit.

Get the embed code for an Instagram feed

After you have collected all of your posts and completed all of the necessary moderation and customisation, you can integrate your Instagram feed on your website by following the instructions below.

Integrate Instagram Feed Into Your Page

Go to the page where you wish to embed the Instagram widget in your site’s backend or editor.

Once you have copied the code from Taggbox Widget, paste it into the main body of your website and hit “Publish/Update” to see the changes take effect.

Then Instagram feeds will be properly integrated into the site.

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