The Complete Guide To Instagram Story Ads

Every day, Instagram Stories are seen by over 500 million individuals. With Instagram Stories advertisements and Facebook advertisements Manager’s targeting options, businesses have a great chance of expanding client base.

This tutorial will show you the ropes when it comes to creating advertising for Instagram Stories. You may read it cover to cover, or you can use the links down below to get directly to the chapter you’re interested in.

Launching Instagram Story ads

Are you prepared to launch Instagram Stories ads? Keep in mind that your advertisements will most likely lead to an increase in traffic to your Business Instagram page before you launch.

Your audience is likely to go through to your profile regardless of the success of your primary call to action. So, make sure your feed is full of varied content that reflects who you are and what you care about.

Check out our post for 11 tips on increasing Instagram video engagement for more feed-related suggestions.

Tips for Making Ads for Instagram Stories

You’ll need to have something to advertise in order to put up an ad. There are a few things to remember when first experimenting with Instagram Stories:

The Instagram story format is 9:16 in height. Your ad will be most effective at 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high.
Each Instagram Story has a 15-second time limit. Videos on Instagram Stories may only be 15 seconds long. Each photo will be shown for 5 seconds if you want to include them. You may apparently upload as many Stories as you like to your Instagram account.
A maximum of 120 seconds can be used for Instagram Story Ads. The maximum length for an Instagram Story ad is 120 seconds. These commercials will begin playing automatically after 15 seconds, with the expectation that the user would subsequently press “Keep Watching” to see the complete video.
Now that you know the guidelines, you can start creating your content. The best approach to grab people’s attention on a mobile device is with a video.

Ads on Instagram Stories: Best Practises

We wanted to provide some guidelines for making a video for your Instagram Story ad now that you know how to do it. Facebook suggests the following procedures for optimal results.

Take use of your quickness. If a Story doesn’t immediately grab a viewer’s interest, they’ll tap on to the next Story.
Amuse with music. There are a lot of silent viewers in the feed. On the other hand, the vast majority of Stories viewers have the sound on. You may make your video more engaging by adding music or a voiceover.
Promote your company heavily. Introduce brand identification at the outset of your Story by showcasing logos or packaging. Include your brand at the end of your multi-card story for maximum impact.
Focus on the end result. Pay attention to your product if you want to increase conversions. Include people in your Stories if you want to achieve brand-centric objectives.

Implementing Ads on Instagram Stories

After you have finished writing your content, you can begin arranging your advertisement. This section will provide a detailed examination of the topic. You’ll need a Facebook Ads Manager account and an Instagram Business account before you can get started.

Advertising on Instagram Stories may be done in a few distinct ways. Your ad campaign can be developed in Facebook Ads manager, or it can be set up in the Instagram app on your mobile device. We’ll instruct you on both processes.

How to Get Your Instagram Story?

We’ll begin by demonstrating native Instagram promotion for a Story. When using an Instagram Business account, sharing a Story is a quick and easy process.

If you want to apply this approach, you must first convey your Story in a natural way. After publishing your Story, you may promote it by viewing it and clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.

How To Create An Instagram Stories ad?

If you’ve promoted an existing Instagram Story before, you know that you can only promote one part of the Story at a time. Facebook’s Ads Manager allows you to create a lengthier post.

We’ve written an in-depth guide on how to utilise Facebook’s Ads Manager for specific audiences. You may find a detailed, instructional guide there. Here, we’ll discuss the exact decisions you’ll have to make if you want your ad to appear in Stories rather than the feed. It’s a little different procedure, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s not too difficult.

Select “Stories”

Make sure Instagram Stories is the only placement option selected in the Placements section of your ad campaign’s settings.

Pick a structure

Select an ad type to proceed. Depending on how many cards your ad will have, you can choose between the Carousel and Single Image or Video formats. After 15 seconds, the user is prompted to press “Keep Watching” in order to continue watching the video in a Single Video ad. Multiple videos, each up to 15 seconds long, can be included in a Carousel ad.

Post Your Ad Imagination

Ad videos should be no more than 15 seconds in duration before being uploaded. Longer videos will only play for the first 15 seconds in Single Video advertising until a “Keep Watching” button appears, giving the viewer the option to watch the full 120 seconds. Ads that appear in a carousel must be no longer than 15 seconds. That settles the matter, then! When you’re satisfied with your ad, click the “Confirm” button. If you created your ad in Facebook’s Ads Manager, you may go there to see the data. You may view the outcomes of your Instagram Story promotion under the app’s Insights.

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