Hashtag Marketing On Social Networks

Hashtags have simplified online brand monitoring for firms across social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Despite the fact that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the hashtag and that the phrase is now formally defined in the Oxford dictionary, many individuals still struggle to successfully implement hashtag campaigns.

However, well-executed hashtag campaigns may generate significant interest and attention.

The logic behind companies’ social media hashtag campaigns

Hashtag campaigns may be used for a variety of objectives, whether you’re representing a little shop or a global conglomerate. Hashtag campaigns are able to:

The #DoUsAFlavor campaign developed by Lay’s is a good case in point. By allowing fans to vote for their favourite flavour on social media, they were able to get their audience invested.

As an added bonus, the new flavor’s pre-launch was greatly aided by the hashtag campaign.

The proper way to pick a hashtag

Creating a trending hashtag is the most important component of a hashtag campaign. Here are some guidelines for utilising hashtags on social media before you get started:

You should read your hashtags aloud and have another person look them over as well. For the simple reason that nobody can forget the #susanalbumparty hashtag disaster. Using the hashtag as #SusanAlbumParty instead of the lowercase version would save a lot of time and effort.

How not to screw up your hashtag campaign

You’re certain to make some blunders as a beginner in hashtag marketing. Before launching your campaign, make sure you’ve thought of everything and avoided these frequent hashtag marketing mistakes:

  • Linking between platforms is encouraged, but each platform needs to be treated separately. It’s possible that an effective hashtag campaign on Twitter won’t have the same resonance on Instagram.
  • Your campaign might go off the rails if you don’t give it some thought first.
  • Before launching your campaign, make sure you have a detailed plan prepared.
  • Don’t rely heavily on sponsored and paid articles. Prioritise expanding your reach naturally.
  • Avoid using hashtags that are too lengthy or convoluted.
  • Before publishing, make sure your work is error-free.
  • Make an effort to interact with your readers. The social media presence of your brand has to improve.
  • Before launching a campaign, carefully consider your available resources and the demographics of your intended audience. Don’t give them hope if you can’t provide them results.
  • Choose your swayers carefully. The amount of people who follow them is less significant than the knowledge and experience they bring to the table.
  • All-time greatest hashtag campaigns
  • I’ve compiled a list of some of the most impressive hashtag campaigns that achieved widespread attention at the time and continue to do so today.

Audi’s “#WantAnR8” campaign

Later, when the company began using it to publicise the debut of their automobile, the hashtag became widely used. As word of the hashtag spread, the company surprised some of its most vocal users by giving them the keys to a R8 for the day.

KFC’s #NationalFriedChickenDay promotion for the day.

KFC quickly capitalised on the hot topic of #NationalFriedChickenDay on Twitter. Thousands of Twitter users wanted to celebrate fried chicken, therefore the hashtag began trending as a result. KFC saw that the hashtag was associated with their company, therefore they promoted it.

Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign

Because of how this campaign transformed Coca-Cola’s reputation on social media, it quickly became one of my favourites. The company came up with the concept of “sharing a coke” a while back when they started selling custom bottle labels. Customers may now share a Coke with friends and family by giving them a Coke as a gift.

The company recently unveiled a website where consumers could place orders for customised bottles of Coke. The ad was given a boost in exposure because to partnerships with well-known figures like Ryan Seacrest and Selena Gomez. It trended as a hashtag and the company is still pushing it.

Domino’s Pizza’s #LetsDoLunch during lunchtime

There are instances when all you need to win over your target audience on social media is an exclusive advertising campaign. Domino’s Pizza UK did the same thing a while ago. The Tuesday pizza special was available to everyone who tweeted #LetsDoLunch.

This generated a flood of tweets and quickly made the associated hashtag popular on Twitter. After all, who could say no to half-off pizza for the price of a tweet?

Oreo’s #OreoHorrorStories.

Throughout the month of October, the company shared a number of funny vines that spoof classic horror movie sequences (with Oreo as the protagonist). It was the thing that finally broke them into the mainstream and made them a holiday phenomenon.

L’Oréal Paris’ #WorthSaying campaign

Hashtag marketing for fashion and lifestyle companies require a lot of creative thinking. This was accomplished through a partnership between L’Oréal Paris and the Golden Globes. The #WorthSaying initiative empowered women to speak up about issues that are important to them.

Disney with Make-A-Wish’s #ShareYourEars campaign

One may argue that it is the most famous hashtag campaign ever. One of the most moving ads ever launched on Twitter was a joint effort between Disney and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Disney encouraged its fans to post photos of themselves wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Using the hashtag #ShareYourEars on Twitter was all that was required.

Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat

A humorous continuous hashtag campaign, #TweetFromTheSeat is brought to you by Charmin. The company just requested that its followers tweet either hypothetical or actual “from the seat” situations. Due to the high level of interest in the subject, it quickly became viral across all social media platforms.

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