Authentic Instagram Comments: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the most important aspects of profile growth on Instagram was and still is engagement with one’s followers and other users. Yet, what exactly does involvement involve? All of your audience’s engagements with your material, including likes, comments, shares, and saved copies, are referred to as interactions. It should come as no surprise that the issue of acquiring genuine comments on Instagram has not yet lost any of its significance.

This post will show you step-by-step instructions on how to obtain authentic comments from actual individuals without putting your account in danger of being banned.

Do’s for Getting Genuine Comments on Instagram

When it comes to boosting the amount of interaction you receive on Instagram, there are some strategies that are an essential must.


Participate often on Instagram

If you want to create a community on Instagram that is centred around your business, you need to be active there. The bare minimum that may be expected of you is to populate the platform with a variety of content types, including Reels, feed articles, tales, Guides, and so on. In addition to that, you should go to the profiles of your followers and remark on the posts they make. It is important to remember to respond to the comments that your audience has made under your own postings. This will get the conversation started and will help you gather honest opinions in a more natural way.

Employ Someone to Make a Comment

You can locate someone to perform some genuine engagement on other people’s accounts for you and then employ that person to do it. When you leave a remark on someone else’s post, most of the time they will be happy to return the favour by leaving a comment on yours. Enhancing your Instagram page’s engagement through the use of comments and, to a lesser extent, community development, are both excellent options.

You may locate people who are willing to comment on your posts for you by using a platform such as Fiverr or Upwork. This choice is not an expensive one.

Put up Something That Will Get People Thinking

People are frequently encouraged to discuss and reject a claim made in a post simply because the post is controversial and argues against established standards or prevalent viewpoints. You may use this strategy to acquire actual comments on Instagram if you don’t mind the possibility of negative feedback and are willing to take the risk.

Leave Useful & Unusual Remarks

Try taking a route that is less clich├ęd rather than making one-word, uninteresting comments. Instead of giving your praise in a more generic sense, you should explain to the receiver why their post piqued your interest. Consider about the specific reasons why the author posted the image or wrote the caption, what they appreciate about the post, and what they would like to hear from others in response to it. Think of terms that the creator could not remain unmoved by, which might spark a conversation and generate real interest in your account. It is true that it is more difficult than just posting “Nice shot!” and calling it a day, but this strategy is the one that will offer you great engagement, a new dedicated audience, and will eliminate any suspicion that you are engaging in spam or automated activity.

The Don’ts of Getting Genuine Comments on Instagram

Now that you know how to obtain real comments on Instagram, I want to talk to you about something that you absolutely must not do if you do not want to destroy the impact.


Buy Remarks

If you buy comments on Instagram, not only do you run the danger of having your account suspended, but the engagement those comments generate is also significantly lower. It is perhaps unnecessary to state that bought comments are easy for Instagram to identify and ban. Thus, you shouldn’t buy any remarks.

Don’t Invite Others to Visit Your Site or Profile, and don’t ask Them to Take Part in a Contest.

If these comments are not reported by the accounts that are receiving them first, the anti-spam system that Instagram uses will erase them. Invitations to visit your profile, exchange likes or follow you in exchange for a follow back, calls to participate in your competition or purchase something at a discount, even in a single amount can cause very unpleasant consequences, not to mention what their mass commenting can bring about. In addition, mass commenting can bring about very negative outcomes.

Refrain from leaving comments that are all one word long

For every piece of material, anyone can leave a remark such as “Awesome!” or “Beautiful” or “Nice shot!” These are examples of generic comments. You won’t be setting yourself apart from the many other accounts who frequently write comments like this if you do this to the author of the content, and the creator won’t feel special either. Mass commenting of the same kind of compliments is likely to not only fail to bear fruit in the form of a response or following your account, but it also leads to both a temporary restriction of activity and an account ban. This is because mass commenting of compliments of the same type is considered to be spamming.

Do Not Post Comments That Are Just Emojis If You Have Something to Say

But, if a large number of these comments are made using just emojis, it is quite likely that they will be interpreted as spam or bot-like behaviour, and this will be the case not only by the people who receive the comments but also by the algorithm that Instagram uses to identify spam.

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