How To Use Instagram To Get Customer Reviews In 3 Easy Steps

Putting the client first is a tried-and-true strategy for standing out in the minds of your core demographic. No matter the size of your company, you can’t afford to ignore client feedback if you want to learn more about their wants, requirements, and pain spots.

Methods for Gathering Instagram Followers’ Opinions

1. Inspire your readers to talk about their client experiences.

Assist users on the site with their needs.

Do you know that almost half of all internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use social media to find a service provider? With more and more people switching to digital channels of contact, offering support via social media is crucial for expanding your client base.

You can boost customer happiness and get more comments from your fans by providing customer care on Instagram. Companies that understand the value of customer care respond quickly to inquiries posted on Instagram.

For instance, Glossier responds to consumer remarks on Instagram. This is how it appears:

When you show interest in what your Instagram followers have to say, you’re more likely to earn their confidence. Customers who feel valued are more apt to offer suggestions for improving your company’s offerings.

Inquire about the merchandise you’re selling.

Asking for feedback from actual users is the easiest and most effective method to gauge product success. And if you can tap into their desires, you can get some fantastic outcomes like free data and client information.

It’s common knowledge that most people long for a sense of significance in their lives. Maslow proposed an order of requirements that explained what motivates people, and belongingness was included in that category. Involve your customers by asking them questions as you develop new products and refine current ones to elicit useful input.

See Logitech G’s implementation of this tactic below.

The business put a link in the bio and urged fans to use it when talking about their participation to make it feel more personal. It provided a safe space for individuals to voice their opinions without fear of retaliation from fellow members.

Fund a contest or freebie.

Promotional contests and freebies accelerate the growth of businesses of all kinds. For the opportunity to win a free prize, many people are ready to fill out a survey. You can get creative with the “how to enter” portion by including a requirement that participants write a review of your product.

Use recommendation marketing to generate interest in your offer and gain more entrants if you don’t already have a sizable fan base. When you join forces with specialised personalities who can reach your ideal customers, you gain access to a preexisting group of people interested in hearing what you have to say.

Set up question-and-answer periods.

The quality of your merchandise makes no difference; customers will always have queries. Hold a live question-and-answer gathering to put customers’ thoughts at ease.

Since live meetings are only accessible for a limited time, they instill a sense of urgency, which in turn increases participation. Simply stated, the fear of missing out motivates your followers to participate in your exercise.

Take a peek at the announcement Rose Siard made to her audience about the Q&A.

2.Actively take in feedback from your supporters.

Adweek found that 91% of consumers think social media can effectively connect people, and 64% of users want to interact with businesses via social networking sites.

More and more people are posting their buying and customer service encounters on various social media platforms to help other shoppers make informed decisions. This may seem like friendly counsel, but it’s actually public input. For businesses, this translates to a chance to passively collect consumer information.

Here are a few strategies for eavesdropping on such discussions and benefiting from the information they contain.

Check out what your fans have to say.

Instagram remarks have emerged as a critical channel for two-way communication between brands and their target audiences. Writing a remark on social media is one of the most convenient methods to let a company know what you think about their products or services.

The more feedback you receive, the deeper your understanding will be. Furthermore, 83% of users expect companies to react to their comments within a day, so engaging with your fans is essential if you want to encourage them to make comments.

Keep an eye on how often your company is mentioned.

Remember that not all marketing encounters will take place on your company profile. Many Instagram users don’t mention brands in their posts because they assume those businesses don’t care about their audience. Despite their lack of social media involvement, 96% of the population still talks about your business.

It’s no surprise that dissatisfied consumers are more apt to air their grievances publicly. Consider the following illustration.

In order to attract new consumers and retain current ones, it is crucial to hear what they have to say. You can learn about your customers’ struggles and at the same time improve your brand’s standing.

Examine your private correspondence.

Keep in mind that the more popular you become on Instagram, the more DMs you’ll receive, which can make it difficult to keep up with everything. Not responding promptly to your fans increases the likelihood that they will spread the word about their bad experience. These remarks were left on by users who wanted a response to a direct message they had sent.

3. Try to maximise your use of Instagram Stories.

In the past three years, Instagram Stories has rapidly risen to prominence. Brands now have more chances to interact with consumers as 500 million people make or view stories every day.

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