The Ultimate Instagram Management Guide [From The Pros]

But how can you become an efficient Instagram manager and connect with your brand’s ideal customers there?Here are some tools, resources, and expert guidance that can help you become a successful Instagram manager.

Management Advice for Instagram

As an Instagram manager, you may take the following steps to increase your brand’s visibility on Instagram.

1. Stick to Instagram’s guidelines.

Follow Instagram’s best practises to increase your content’s visibility and interaction. Making material that people want to read is a good strategy. For Reels, attention-grabbing material involves using transitions and effects, timed text, and fascinating audio to captivate the viewer.

Use brand-appropriate colours to make your images more appealing. Instagram recommends taking photos in natural light for the best quality. It’s a great place for brands and artisans to showcase their wares by showcasing them in action.

2. Develop a better profile.

Make your Instagram profile more discoverable and engaging for your target audience. Instagram names and usernames should feature a brand’s core term. Include the primary phrase “interiors” if your company specialises in interior design to attract consumers typing that word into Instagram’s search bar.

You may improve your visibility in Instagram’s search function and on the Explore tab by include relevant keywords in your profile’s bio and captions. Hashtags based on keywords are also quite effective in bringing in new followers.

3. Attend to people’s remarks and private communications.

Building a following is just as important as publishing on an Instagram account. You can build and preserve your Instagram following by being accessible to your audience, helpful when they have questions, and informative when they want to know more about your company.

4. Maintain a constant tone for your brand.

Learn the purpose of your brand and create a tone that reflects its values. Develop a set of guidelines for your brand’s voice that everyone on your team may use when making Instagram posts and communicating with fans.

Expert Advice for Becoming an Instagram Manager

Six Instagram account administrators were interviewed to collect their top pieces of advice for running a successful Instagram profile. Let’s get into the tried-and-true Instagram strategies used by the pros.

1. The key is participation.

Instagram’s key selling point is that it facilitates connections between individuals and the subjects they’re passionate about. That’s why our platform prioritises user interaction.

“I always try to engage my audience by including some of them in my posts,” says Vana Korrapati, a digital marketing strategist and social media manager. “This brings my audience together for a meaningful conversation.”

2. Create a personal bond.

HubSpot’s senior podcast producer, Matthew Brown, talks about using Instagram to increase brand recognition and consumer interest in a recent episode of the Skill Up Podcast.

The importance of establishing an emotional connection is highlighted. Instagram facilitates this by allowing businesses to have one-on-one conversations with customers. This may be accomplished through the use of polls and other participatory elements, as well as by rapid responses to comments.

3. Maintain cohesion in your visual branding.

Visual identity is still essential, even though the days of carefully curating your Instagram grid are long gone.

Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, live video, and highlight covers should all share a same aesthetic, advises Leslie Green, a campaign manager on HubSpot’s social media team.

4. To use Instagram Stories.

You can make a daily appearance in front of your followers on Instagram using Stories, and you really should since it’s a great way to get people’s attention.

If people start paying attention to your Stories on a regular basis, they will see more of your posts in their feed.

5. Verify everything.

You shouldn’t blindly follow every craze, just as you wouldn’t follow any trend.

When it comes to social media, “don’t buy into the trends; test them,” advises Kelly Hendrickson, a social media manager at HubSpot. The important thing to remember is that what works for one account may not work for yours.”

6. Focus on adding value for your readers rather than putting in extra hours.

The greatest way to succeed on Instagram, according to Jennifer Stefancik, social media manager of the HubSpot Academy account, is to give something of value to your followers.

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