5 Clever Tips To Leverage Instagram Reels For Ecommerce Store

The millennial generation has not always dominated online culture. They elevated Fb, IG, and Twitter to godlike status while demoting Vine and G+ to the dustbin of internet history. From lengthy blog posts and Facebook status updates to selfies shot on Instagram and Snapchat, millennials have decided on the popular content types.

It seems that the generation of internet users who were brought up on Beverly Hills, 90210 and who favour thin jeans would rule forever. The arrival of Generation Z, sometimes known as zoomers, abruptly altered the status quo. The rules of information consumption began to shift as the next generation abandoned selfies and blog posts in favour of quick, interesting videos. Instagram took initiative and remade itself as other media outlets watched change from the sidelines. Instagram Reels are short, entertaining videos that serve as the platform’s main attraction.

Why are Instagram Reels so popular, and what are they?

We’ve established that the generation born between 1996 and 2012 is mostly responsible for the explosion in views of online comedy skits. They are the primary producers and viewers of media.

It was the zoomers that made TikTok so wildly popular. During the epidemic, there was a dramatic increase in the number of people using this service. There were about 54 million weekly users in the United States alone by 2020, a phenomenal increase from the previous year. Sixty percent of all users on TikTok are members of Generation Z. This is not unexpected, considering what this social media provides: an endless stream of short amusing movies made by millions of people.

5 ways to use Instagram Reels to advertise your company

Instagram Reels may be used to advertise items, interact with current and future consumers, and raise brand recognition and sales. The coolest thing is that everyone who has a smartphone can make it.

If you want to expand your business on Instagram, consider these seven suggestions.

Introduce yourself and your company

Social media is all about connecting with other people, therefore share behind-the-scenes footage of your company’s employees in the form of Reels. By showcasing the people behind the company, readers will feel more connected to the brand as a result.

Creative reels:

  • Send a birthday message to a coworker via Reel.
  • Share more information about the employees’ hobbies and interests.
  • Talk about the high points, whether they’re professional or personal.

Promote your goods using instructional materials

A reel is a fantastic tool for demonstrating your product’s value to potential customers. Show people not just What kinds of items are out there, but also How they can put those products to use. These bite-sized lessons can help spread the word about your business, display your whole product line, and encourage viewers to make a purchase so others may achieve similar results.

Creative reels:

  • Give your customers five of your best tips on using your goods, such as a quick method for removing makeup, a sneaker cleaning hack, and more.
  • Promote your items by providing how-to guides for utilising them.
  • Discuss the most up-to-date developments in your field.

Advertise your specials

If you own an online store, you no doubt offer seasonal discounts and deals. Spreading the word about your (specials and) discounts is crucial to the success of your business. Reels are a fantastic method of advertising to both your existing clientele and to new, potential consumers.

However, avoid making a blatant advertisement in your film. A promotional film including popular music, for instance, would fit in with the aesthetic of the other Reels and not come off as too pushy.

Creative reels:

  • Exhibit all discounted items that are now being promoted.
  • Using holiday-themed d├ęcor and/or costumes can help you save money over the holiday season.
  • Include the discount code (which should be simple, easy to remember, and difficult to misspell) in the video description if you’re offering one.

Advertise using Instagram Highlights

You already know that Retargeting, Prospecting, and other sorts of advertising campaigns on Instagram may significantly boost your company’s bottom line. Potential clients can learn about or be reminded of your shop from a variety of sources, and Instagram Reels are just one of them. Among the many possible goals for using Instagram Reels advertisements are:

  • Raising Product Recognition
  • Increasing your impact
  • Boost Conversion Rates on Your Website
  • Ads Manager is the only location to put up such a campaign, as the Instagram app does not yet support Reels as ad placement. Use a video with the correct aspect ratio (9:16) and resolution (1080p x 1920p) if possible. Choose Reels from the list of available Instagram placements under the “Manual” placements menu.

Share feedback from satisfied clients

One of the most powerful methods to gain credibility and encourage purchases is through social proof. For this reason, you should actively solicit feedback from your current consumer base. For a variety of reasons, including their portability, brevity, and potential for greater viewer engagement than online evaluations, reels are an excellent choice for client testimonials.

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