Instagram Videos: How To Choose Between Reels & IGTV

Instagram provides several possibilities for connecting with the audience, but how can you choose the appropriate ones to cut it through the noise without going overboard? While Instagram Stories, a tried-and-true product, what about the rest of Instagram’s features? Instagram’s other video options include IGTV and Reels. Both provide different opportunities for sharing a variety of various sorts of content:

IGTV (Instagram TV)

  • Videos with a duration of up to ten minutes
  • Visible on both the main profile and the dedicated IGTV tab
  • Consider it to be Instagram’s equivalent of YouTube.
  • A space for curated, high-quality content
  • Provide automated captioning in 16 languages
  • IGTV videos are four times larger on the Explore page than pictures. 
  • Ideal for distributing polished content such as brand videos, webinars, Q&A sessions, and cinematic advertising.
  • Previewed in the primary feed to encourage click-throughs to the profile
  • Possibility of uploading films through desktop Possibility of grouping videos into series
  • When you post an IGTV video to the Story, you may include a ‘swipe up’ button.

Create captivating videos and capture audience attention buy IGTV likes to display your content to larger audiences.


Reels Concise video of up to 15 secs in length

  • The feature quickly produced on a smartphone allows users to add music/filters & modify with creative tools.
  • Ideal for entertaining and educating audiences
  • Upload automatically to the Explore page
  • Instagram’s TikTok competitor

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These features have their very own tab on the profile (see figure), making them easily accessible once you’ve made your first of each. Additionally, all features need a 9:16 aspect ratio — effectively, all content shot in portrait. You may include titles, descriptions, and hashtags just as you would with a standard feed post.

Where do I begin with content creation?

If you’re beginning from scratch, reusing content is an excellent location to start building your Instagram empire. Have a Video clip from a corporate event or celebration? Consider including excerpts from the latest webinar or perhaps a brand film. These are excellent examples of long-form material that might work well on IGTV.

Like TikTok, instructional content Reels receive a high level of response; how about a four tutorial video on using your product? It is also an excellent opportunity to leverage influencer marketing. Consider how our customer, Therabody, leverages influencers and reels.

Are you stumped for ideas? Consider the following:

  • Behind the scenes – provide a glimpse behind the curtain for your viewers.
  • Meet the staff – personalize your message and highlight your individuals
  • Office/facilities tour – where are the products manufactured?
  • Our tale – Did you start your business in a garage? How do you get to your current position?
  • “5 steps my product improves your life” – sure, those aren’t the actual words, but you’ll get the idea. Demonstrate how your items work.

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