Instagram Analytics: How To Check Your Likes!

In 2023, how have Instagram likes evolved?

Instagram’s choice to conceal likes has made it more difficult for businesses to compare their performance to that of their rivals. This decision was taken by the platform in response to user criticism. While the Instagram heart has become a cultural symbol, it has also been linked to negative psychological outcomes for its users.

Instagram: how to check your like count?

You may be wondering where you may get Instagram likes. So, let’s get right down to business. Here are some methods for analysing what your rivals are doing on social media: (Instagram likes included).

The Instagram Insights explanation.

In 2016, Instagram revealed that it was creating profiles just for businesses. The goal was to help companies big and small buy ads within the app.

Therefore, Instagram Insights, its analytics tool, is available at no cost to any user who has a business account.

The tool provides access to a wealth of useful social media analytics. You can see when your audience is most active on Instagram, which photos are getting the most likes, and more. You can see the difference between the organic and sponsored versions of a post and evaluate the efficacy of your advertising budget.

Without a question, the availability of these insights is a huge win for organisations. There is, however, a catch.

To begin, Instagram Insights is an in-app feature exclusively. Clumsy and cumbersome, especially for businesses with large followings, because there is presently no desktop version. The UI is also not very welcoming to those who aren’t social media analysts.

Instagram likes: how to utilise social media analytics tools

A social media management tool’s capabilities extend well beyond the simple scheduling of clips and postings. and similar tools give you insightful data on the performance of your content and the expansion of your fan base.

You can use Instagram statistics to learn more about your audience using the Listen module on You may also do a comprehensive study of your competition and view their Instagram likes, even if they have their account set to private. The same holds true when checking out the Instagram accounts of people who may become brand ambassadors.

Here are some examples of measurements you may use for comparison:

Evaluate several rivals at once

You should study many rivals simultaneously unless you have infinite time and patience. The hassle of doing a thorough analysis of the competition is therefore removed.

Research the most popular posts from your rivals

Finding out what your rivals are doing successfully with in terms of content is invaluable. This may either direct future content creation or verify that you are on the correct path.

Track the rate at which your rivals’ fan bases are expanding

Have you noticed a slowdown in the expansion of your Instagram following Look around and see if anyone else is having this problem. You’ll be able to take the appropriate steps after reading this.

Changing your content approach drastically before understanding the root cause of a decline is futile. It is wise to check with other industry leaders to determine whether they are experiencing similar challenges. If not, then how do they differ from us?

Recognize participation rates

Participation is key. A lot may be learned by comparing the level of interaction between your audience and their rivals’ postings and your own.

Keep tabs on all the buzz

Find out who is talking about you and your rivals, what they are talking about, and how often they are talking about you. Even better, you can examine peak times for mentions.

Analyze the audience’s feelings

The percentage of favorable, negative, and neutral feedback provides insight into your readers’ true reactions to the material.

In conclusion…

The latest decision by Instagram to conceal likes has been well received. However, this might make it harder for corporations to research their rivals and identify key opinion leaders. The good news is that you can still learn this.

We hope this Instagram likes tutorial has helped to clarify things. There’s only so far you can get by using your own internal metrics for success. Examining how the competition is doing might help you better understand where you stand.

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