How To Leverage Podcasts In Link Building?

Approximately over 2 million podcasts have been created. Because of this, there are likely dozens of podcasts where you might be a guest, regardless of the field you work in.
These podcasts also provide excellent opportunities for establishing backlinks.

Establishing backlinks for a podcast

A common method of gaining backlinks is to offer to be a guest on podcasts related to your field, as this will allow you to be included on the episode page.

So long as you pick your podcasts correctly, you’re pretty much assured a link from them; for example, I was a guest on the podcast a while back.

When it comes to podcasts, what are the advantages of establishing links?

There are three key advantages to podcast link building:
It’s a fantastic strategy for attracting new visitors and establishing credibility for your site.
You have the chance to reach out to those who may not be familiar with your company or your content.
Linking your podcasts the right way
There are only four basic phases involved in building links for a podcast:

  • Listen to podcasts related to your field.
  • Test the exhibits
  • Promote to them
  • Get a tape of your show.

Now, let’s dissect these into their component parts.

Listen to podcasts in your field

First things first, compile a massive list of podcast ideas. Make a blank spreadsheet, check each strategy off as you implement it, and add podcasts as you go.

Inquire About Anything On Google

While looking for certain podcasts, Google is your best friend. There should be several lists available when looking for the top podcasts in a specific field. A podcast carousel may also appear in the search results.
You should add podcasts to your list if you find any that sound interesting. Be sure to remember the podcast’s title and URL.

Find Podcasts on Apple’s Search Engine

Launch the Podcasts app on your iOS device and do a search. To view all of the available podcasts that are relevant to your search, select “see all” from the shows menu.
Make a note on your sheet of any podcasts that look promising.

Inspect the source code of popular podcasters

If you know a podcast host who frequently has guests, you can use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to see how popular their webpage is. Then, in the dropdown, select “Exact URL,” which will take you to the Backlinks report, where you can narrow down your results by filtering out anything that doesn’t contain the word “episode” in its title.
Review the end result and add any applicable podcasts to your tally.

check the TV shows for accuracy

Your list of podcasts may not include all of the ones you think are worth pitching to, and some may be more important than others. That’s why it’s so important to perform your due diligence before submitting a pitch for a programme; otherwise, you can end up wasting a lot of time on the incorrect ones.
The ideal place to begin is with the link data, as this can be done automatically with the help of Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis feature. Simply add the domains from your list, export the information, and integrate it with the Domain Rating (DR) data that has been copied and pasted.
Distance from Root (DR) compares a website’s backlink profile to those of all other websites in our database. So, in most cases, “authority” is passed more effectively via links from pages on high DR websites.

Although podcasts with low DR websites shouldn’t be automatically crossed off the list, high DR websites should be given higher priority if link building is a top priority. You can do this by going through your list and sorting it from highest DR to lowest DR.

Propose the TV series to the networks

Submitting an idea to a show is easy. You can apply in the traditional manner, or you can email the host and propose becoming a guest.

If the programme has an application process, follow it religiously. The person reading the pitches is unlikely to bother with individuals who can’t even follow the most basic guidelines.

In the absence of a formal application process, you’ll need to email the podcast’s host directly (here are six ways to find email addresses).
You should try to propose something you’ve already written or discussed. That can serve as your episode outline for the podcast.

Make a podcast recording

The host of a podcast usually does the bulk of the work when it comes to producing the show, so recording it is a breeze. There is nothing more required of you than to appear on time and respond appropriately to their inquiries.

To ensure a successful outcome, please consider the following:

  • Get yourself a good microphone.
  • Verify that your internet connection is reliable.
  • Go away from the noise and find some peace (no coffee shops)
  • It may take a few weeks until your episode airs. When that happens, your host will probably let you know.

Can having a podcast help with link building?

Yes. Listeners who mention the podcast’s guests in their own work typically share a link to the episode in question. Because of this, having a podcast can be a means to gaining backlinks.
SIDENOTE. Because that Authority Hacker’s page titles always include the episode number in the #000 format, we’ve decided to adopt it as our footprint.

But, presenting a podcast is time-consuming, so you shouldn’t do it just to increase your link popularity. The value of links is more ancillary.

Concluding Ideas

Podcasts are an excellent tool for increasing your brand’s visibility and link popularity. You can increase the podcast’s potential for backlinks by mentioning other related content inside it.

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