Tips For Boosting Your TikTok Engagement

You want to increase the number of people engaging with your content and the amount of people who are aware of your brand on TikTok. We’ve got you covered with some useful methods that popular businesses on TikTok are currently putting to good use, and we think they could work for you, too.

1. Value Audience Participation

The modern customer journey needs to include a lot of actionable steps. In order to adjust to it, you need to remain alert and vigilant at all times. One thing is certain, regardless of what your aims and objectives are, and that is that the user must be the focal point of your marketing. How do you manage to accomplish that?

Develop information that can be modified with relative ease. For instance, practically everyone is capable of reproducing a humorous film in the style of a fashion presentation that is accompanied by a hashtag challenge.

Maintain a consistent response rate for user comments

Bring attention to a user comment by providing a response in the form of a video feature.
Reshare the content that was contributed by users (UGC)
Pixlee’s platform enables companies to collect user-generated content (UGC) from creators on TikTok who have been verified by Pixlee. The platform also provides the brand’s team with an easy way to schedule this material to be reshared or published on other marketing channels (like on-site or other social profiles). Posting content from your community that is linked to your business not only makes the content you create more interesting and relatable to users, but it also adds an element of social proof to your brand’s profile, which provides viewers with additional motivation to make a purchase from you.

2. Collaborate With Prominent Individuals

The majority of firms in today’s market are aware of the significance of influencer marketing. As an illustration, TikTok influencers based solely in the United States had an average engagement rate of 17.99%. The encouraging news is that TikTok makes it very simple to locate and engage with content creators. To locate an appropriate business associate, all that is required of you is to browse through their Maker Marketplace.
Ashley Strong, a creator Morphe has collaborated with to develop an eyeshadow pallet, is featured in a “influencer takeover” of the company’s physical store in the United States. Some things to keep in mind:

Consider working with micro-influencers if you are just starting out in the influencer marketing world, wish to collaborate with a large number of influencers at once, or have a limited marketing budget. They frequently have higher rates of engagement than larger celebrities do!
Don’t be hesitant to follow the lead of your influencer on material; they have the best understanding of their audience, so it’s beneficial to offer them the flexibility to be creative.
Consider the long term: establish a collaboration that will cover more than one campaign (i.e., a series of product launches or free samples for them to feature every month, etc.)

3. Utilize Paid Ads

You may be underestimating how receptive the TikTok audience is to paid advertisements. According to one study, 72% of consumers prefer seeing advertisements on TikTok. Moreover, the cost per CPM begins at ten dollars. Test out a few different approaches to determine which one yields the most successful outcomes. Your choices are as follows:

Integrated advertisements. These advertisements are labelled as “sponsored” when they show on the For You page of a user’s account.
Takeovers of existing brands When you launch the TikTok app, the brand takeover video will often play before any other videos, and it will also get to display in several locations across the app.
Ads on topview. These advertisements are located at the very top of the page titled “For You.” On the advertising page of TikTok, it is stated that purchasing TopView ads grants you “leading access to user attention.”
Advertising with a branded effect. By the use of these advertisements, you will be able to generate shareable stickers, filters, and effects related to your business.

4. Reshare Stuff from Your Instagram Reels

Resharing successful content that you’ve developed for reels or posts on IGTV can be an effective marketing approach for firms that are active on Instagram. Moreover, reels serve as an additional location to collect user-generated content from customers, which may subsequently be repurposed on TikTok. While marketers are currently repurposing a significant portion of the content they post to Instagram on other influential owned digital platforms, the content posted to Reels might be extremely effective for advertisements posted on TikTok or Twitter. This holds true for user-generated content as well as content developed by the brand, as the two complement one another in the best possible way.

Final Thoughts

TikTok has a great deal of untapped potential for businesses and brands. It is not yet oversaturated with other businesses, it may hold a lot of your target audiences (especially if those demographics include millennials and Gen Z), and it is a platform that lends itself well to the spread of viral content. If you think that including anything like this in your marketing efforts could be beneficial, then you should absolutely pursue it. In addition, the user-generated content (UGC) that you source from your community and the content that you develop yourself both have the potential to be successful across all of your social and general marketing channels.

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