How To Use TikTok For Company Growth Via Content Marketing

Assume you want to expand your company. Thinking about asking TikTok for advice?

On this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, I chat with Keenya Kelly to learn more about the content marketing possibilities on TikTok.

Keenya helps company owners expand their internet presence through branding and video marketing. She’s the brains behind the Keenya Kelly Podcast and the author of Before You Leave Your Day Job: A Strategic Guide for Entrepreneurs.

TikTok’s Top 4 Content Categories

Keenya maintains that anybody, regardless of talent in the performing arts, may utilise TikTok to effectively spread their message by producing one of four distinct forms of content: parodies, instructionals, promotional videos, or live streams.

TikTok’s Plagiarized Videos

While social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram actively prevent content piracy, copycat videos are among TikTok’s most watched videos. Keenya claims that 50,000 of her fans are a direct result of this layout.

The copied material is actually an inspired repeat rather than a direct duplicate. A 15-second dancing video set to original music will be uploaded on TikTok by one user. Afterwards, people who are similarly moved will upload videos of themselves dancing to the same music or a slightly modified version of the original song.

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It’s crucial to use the original audio while making a copycat piece of content in order to ride the engagement and exposure wave. Tap the circle containing a face in the lower right corner of the video you intend to mimic. Choose the red button on the subsequent screen. Put that sound button to good use.

TikTok’s Pedagogical Features

Take a cue from Keenya if you’re stumped as to how to convey any meaningful information in a film lasting only ten to sixty seconds. She offers advice on podcasting, Instagram, and email list management on TikTok.

TikTok’s Commercial Features

Keenya’s delivery of business material on TikTok is reminiscent to Gary V’s 15-second videos on Instagram Stories, with the only distinction being the films’ expiration time.

Anything posted to TikTok will remain on your stream indefinitely, making it an ideal tool for luring viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, for instance. The trick is to get people interested in the video from the very first clip/tip so they continue to watch the rest of the video and go where you direct them to.

Continuous Broadcasting

One of the best parts of using TikTok to broadcast live video is the ease with which you can gain visibility. If you go live, not only will your followers be notified, but anyone who happens to be browsing their For You feed will also notice that you are broadcasting at that very moment. An additional feature is the ability to invite others to join a live broadcast by simply tagging them in a comment.

Making Your Own Videos for TikTok

TikTok films can be up to 60 seconds in length, however Keenya claims the typical video only lasts 10-15 seconds. Unless in cases when a lengthier film is warranted, she suggests keeping your TikTok movies between 7 and 15 seconds in duration.

When asked for advice on how to begin incorporating a variety of content types into your strategy, she recommended producing four to eight individual pieces every day. You should release at least three videos every day: one that imparts knowledge, one that provides entertainment, and one that just demonstrates who you are.

The Discover tab’s search field allows you to delve more into specialised material. You may explore what individuals in specific professions are up to on TikTok by searching for a hashtag, a single keyword like “surgeon,” “doctor,” “attorney,” “business consultant,” or even a whole keyword phrase.

You should follow these folks and like three or four of their videos whenever you come across stuff that catches your attention. You have the option to choose what to watch while TikTok plays it for you.

When you delete a video, the system may punish you by making your subsequent films less visible to viewers. Keenya recommends not posting and removing information before reviewing it, but rather preserving it as a draught. Then you can go to your draughts, read through your work, and either select Publish if you’re ready to share it or remove it without losing any of your hard work.

TikTok’s Hashtag Function

Keenya utilises hashtags to take advantage of virality and connect with her ideal clientele. To illustrate this, she’ll use the hashtag #newentrepreneur in any posts she makes that are aimed towards aspiring business owners. The likelihood of her message getting lost in the sea of other postings using that hashtag is high, so she plans to supplement it with #newbusinessstartup.

Inviting TikTok Users Into Your Marketing Funnel

With a “Give me a DM” CTA, Keenya encourages her TikTok followers to get in touch with her. Over four thousand people messaged her after seeing the aforementioned parody video in which she employed this strategy.

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