8 Strategies For White Hat Link Building

If you want to rise in search results page rankings, you need construct backlinks. Good to hear. What I mean is, are you acting in a morally upstanding manner?

Google is like a Big Brother that is always keeping tabs on your every move as you try to increase your rank and popularity on the search engine.

Even if you aren’t trying to game the system, Google can and will punish your site if it finds evidence of black hat SEO techniques being employed to artificially boost your rankings. In spite of the many difficulties presented by a search engine penalty, a drop in rankings is the most significant.

As far as I can imagine, that’s the worst possible outcome for a website owner.

The days of solely considering the quantity of backlinks to a website are long gone. Google’s Penguin and most recent Link Spam updates both stress the value of quality links above quantity.

If you want Google to boost your site’s position, you need to start engaging in white hat link building practices.

When creating backlinks, it’s important to do so in a method that doesn’t break Google’s rules.

White hat link building strategies

Making Useful Blog Posts

Having a blog for your site makes it simpler to incorporate backlinks and internal links, both of which contribute to the site’s search engine rankings. The blogs’ content should be of high quality and worth in order to garner backlinks.

Incorporating keywords into a blog’s content draws the attention of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Add sharing buttons to your blog posts to get more people talking about them and ultimately more eyes on your site from search engines.

Rely on the Source Material

You may increase the credibility of your content and gain an edge in link development by including original data related to your business. Information might come from a variety of sources, including polls, studies, and case reports.

Any time this information is used to enhance another piece of content, you can expect a backlink.

Typically, webmasters will credit your company by name when they incorporate your materials. Any time your name or brand is mentioned, you will automatically (or at your discretion) receive a link.

Visual Material

An picture can be processed by the human visual system in as little as 1/10 of a second. Using your graphic assets to not only increase engagement but also to get backlinks is a wise strategy.

Images, infographics, and videos are far more likely to be shared and discussed than text-only information.

You can be sure that anyone who uses your images will credit you by providing a link back to your site. Produce graphic material with the goal of gaining authority and backlinks in a given field.

Construction of Weak Links

There is no other link building strategy quite like broken link building. The goal of this tactic is to increase the usefulness of another website while simultaneously gaining a backlink to your own.

If you find broken links on a site that is related to your specialty, you can fix them with the use of the Check My Links or LinkMiner Chrome extension.

Contact the site’s admin and request that they fix the link to your page. Make it clear how your material will benefit the reader.

Replacement of Lost Links

It’s discouraging to discover that some of the high-quality links pointing to your site have been removed. The page that originally connected back to you may no longer exist, redirects may be incorrect or broken, or you may have removed your connection.

But have no fear. In case you’ve misplaced a link, don’t worry. You can narrow down the lost connections with the help of tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush.

If a backlink is lost because of a broken redirect, the relevant webmaster will gladly provide a new one.

If a backlink to your site has been replaced with one to a different site, you can try to regain that connection by improving your content and contacting the site’s owner again.

Conversely, if the page that linked to you no longer exists, research the site to see if there are any other sites that pertain to your subject matter, and then draft a pitch email requesting a backlink placement.

Guests Posts

Posting as a guest blogger is a great strategy to increase your link popularity. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the top bloggers in your field and ask if you may contribute as a guest writer.

Opportunities for link building arise when your content is published on their sites. Use appropriate anchor text to increase the relevance of your backlink.

Referral traffic from those sites can be turned into paying customers with the right approach to advertising.

Brand Mentions Without Links

In order to increase your site’s PageRank, it’s important to have connections from authoritative sites that already feature your company’s name and products. That’s the point of unconnected brand mentions.

Make use of the Semrush brand monitoring tool to find websites that have referenced you but not linked back. Locate the sources that are promoting your brand and narrow in on them.

Send them a message requesting a link exchange. Since these sites have already encountered your brand, they will most likely include a link to you on their own.

Skyscraper Method

The foundation of the skyscraper strategy is making excellent content that others will want to connect to.

What happens is as follows.

Select a keyword you’d like to be found for and then look at the top results for that keyword. Make something more interesting and informative than the current Google #1 result. Make sure it gets in front of the proper people and build links like a pro.

The skyscraper strategy is useful not only for acquiring backlinks, but also for increasing a site’s visibility in search engines.

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