Creating a strong engagement on TikTok will help to improve your brand awareness and do more collaborations. Getting high engagement is the main metric of the ForYouPage, and many brands are ready to collaborate with you. 

Just like other social platforms, TikTok is the community key management. It helps to get views, likes, shares, comments, and followers for your videos. This is top-secret for increasing your engagement on TikTok. 

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TikTok is a fantastic video-sharing platform that allows you to create, edit your videos. The time duration of the TikTok video is 15-30 sec. 

Here is the secret way to improve your engagement on TikTok:

1. Use the Q&A Features

Based on the March 2021 reports, the Q&A section will help you to engage your audience while creating highly relevant content that followers have asked for.

This kind of choice is only available for users who have a creator account on TikTok.Making a creator account which helps you find many options there. Now we will see the “Q&A section,” which will display under the bio section. 

Using these terms, you will get more questions from your followers that can be liked by the videos that allow you to create their questions. 

Here is the procedure to find the option:

  • Produce a creator account by using a phone number or Gmail. 
  • Once created, go back to the TikTok settings and tap “creator.’
  • Click on the Q&A sections 
  • Now your TikTok creator account is enabled and shows on your Homepage. 

2. Reply Back To your Comments

If you want to interact with your followers, you should reply to your comments like you usually would. 

Apply it to make engaging and relevant content for your audience. Your follower’s community will choose to personally communicate with users, which can increase your genuine followers on TikTok. 

Here is the procedure to do:

  • Go to the comment section of one of your TikTok videos and tap the comment to which you want to reply.
  • Click the video camera icon (appears in red) that pops up on the left side.
  • TikTok will take you to the camera screen for recording and after uploading your reply.
  • Once you have completed your video, you can go to the comment section and place it anywhere on the screen. 

3. Duet on Others TikTok Video 

TikTok provides an excellent option to make duet videos for getting better engagement on TikTok. You can duet someone’s video, and you should have these functions enabled before your own videos for others to duet.

The duet option is very similar in that it enables you to make on someone else’s video, but the TikTok video you duet plays side by side on your next. This is one of the great features for imitation videos, reaction videos, and lip-sync videos.

These ways help to communicate with your audience and improve your engagement rate. Viewers can make chains of duets that more than two creators are part of. These chains grow, you will become more popular, and your contribution to the chain will be reached by a wider community.

Here is the procedure to do Duet Video:

  • Go to the video which you want to duet
  • Tap the “Share” button under the Comment section on a video
  • Click Duet Video – it will take you to the filming and editing page. 

TikTok is becoming the new go-to place for internet entertainment for millennials and Gen Z in the blink of the eye. Nine out of ten viewers use the service on a daily basis. This is a new opportunity for social networking marketers to reach customers via TikTok. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the best methods and strategies for growing your company using TikTok advertising. If you run a consumer-facing company or an e-commerce business, TikTok is for you.

Collaborate With The Appropriate Influencers

TikTok is a destination for established celebrities as well as emerging influencers who have achieved viral popularity. You should target influencers who are quickly expanding on the app regarding video likes, views, and followers.

Collaborate with a TikTok influencer on a few videos or develop a branded hashtag for your TikTok videos.

Beauty and fashion brands are finding success by collaborating with influencers and buy TikTok comments by using accurate marketing strategies. Utilize the increasing community of TikTok influencers to generate unique and original content with the possibility of becoming famous. When dealing with celebrities on this platform, originality is critical.

Power of Hashtags

By examining successful hashtags, you may determine how your campaign’s hashtag should look. While using long-tail hashtags are appropriate, you should start with organic hashtags that individuals are actively searching for.

Additionally, hashtag challenges are a popular feature on TikTok. It occurs when a challenge (along with music) is the subject of the hashtag. While challenges on TikTok can become popular when they naturally occur, with careful planning, you can collaborate with influencers to build a challenge that might go universal for your company.

One strategy will use TikTok’s discover tab to identify which postings are trending and which hashtags are being used. Furthermore, the discover tab will provide the day’s and week’s top trending hashtags.

If you want to reach younger audiences, you must employ trending hashtags in your TikTok marketing plan. By utilizing this method, you can increase the number of people who see your postings.

Create Shareable Content 

News stories occur when the video’s X element compels viewers to share it. This is the case on both YouTube and TikTok. You need users to share your movies to increase their organic views and shares. Several things you need to do to create TikTok videos that people use to share the following:

Be amusing?

Utilize comedy to engage consumers and encourage them to share the video with others in their network.

Improve the entertainment value of your video?

It’s easier said than done to be amusing! Developing a video that is watchable and rewatchable is critical to its widespread distribution.

Be educational?

The popularity of tutorial videos on TikTok is rising in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle areas. Tutorial or how-to videos will perform well in any area where knowledge or instructing others on accomplishing something is critical. 

Engage your TikTok fans

The strength of social media is in its engagement and ability to interact with people in a way not attainable with conventional media. If you know what you’re doing, the comment section is a goldmine for TikTok promotion.

Brands may use the platform to respond to customer questions and direct customers to purchase links. The number of comments on newly launched campaign videos can also evaluate passion for newly launched products.

TikTok serves as a gauge for how well your followers and customers receive your updates. Ensure that you make an effort with your postings to enhance your TikTok likes. Organic involvement contributes to the growth of your profile, enabling you to get additional followers.


TikTok is one of the fastest-developing applications and social media platforms out there, possessing 30 million active users every month in the U.S. and more than 500 million globally. 

As of January, TikTok is even becoming better than Instagram, Messenger, and Snapchat in the focus of downloads. 

There’s a look at how TikTok functions, its demographics, advertising qualities, and how you can kick start with TikTok ads. 

TikTok is an entirely new and specific chance for the audience and small and large-scale brands. The major impact brands possess a trend that will gradually impact the business by linking with a group on a creative range. You can buy likes on TikTok to target a new audience base and increase your popularity within a short span. 

Facts About TikTok:

TikTok is a perfect social media platform perfect for video and music that makes everything within them. 

Users can pick from thousands of audio clips and shoot the video of themselves by lip-syncing, making dance moves, or even enacting along to the sound bytes. 

TikTok videos can also be edited, sped up, slowed down. Users can also include stickers, enable a special effect, or use filters to modify the video’s look. 

Overall, videos can only run up to 15 seconds longer, even though the audience can make longer stories by drawing up to four to 15-sec segmented video clips together. 

On the social side, users can react to the videos, shooting their reaction while watching something or make duet clips. Contrary shooting an accompanying video along with the existing video content. Duet videos are most often used in challenges or competitions.

Users can also connect with content, give your videos with TikTok hearts, comment on your work, and send direct messages to others within TikTok. 

Are you interested in changing yourself as a TikTok star celebrity on your profile more successfully? Then you can launch your ads on TikTok to become visible among your audience. 

How To Begin Your Advertising?

Now, capable TikTok advertising is reduced to choices that are not as strong as those provided by several well-known social media platforms.

It’s said that there are several TikTok advertising possibilities for brands who need to receive in front of the audience beforehand. 

There are presently six different ad formats available on TikTok:

  1. Brand Takeover
  2. Branded Lenses
  3. Biddable Ads
  4. Custom Influencer 
  5. Hashtags Challenges
  6. Top views

A short description of the ads is explained below.

Initiate Branded Hashtags Challenges:

TikTok’s user-generated content seems to be particular and remarkably shareable. This hashtag challenges ad formats and provides an exclusive benefit. Audiences need to be inspired to participate in a challenge campaign that will increase real TikTok fans that boost your engagement factors on the recommended theme videos. 

TikTok hashtag challenges motivate a user’s ability to make and share content based on the themes. Brands can make interest by changing their users into co-founders. TikTok knows the combined effects one challenge can possess; hence combining brands lifts the idea much more!

Custom Influencer:

Today, TikTok influencers have got an enormous rate of influence over their TikTok fans. Brands can collaborate with influencers in their subject niche to use the influencer’s followers to get engaged with their brands and become more visible and exposed.  

Influencers understand that their followers will only believe if they collaborate with brands that resonate with their values and trust. While reaching out to influencers to collaborate with, it’s essential to ensure your values and dreams suit your thoughts. 

Branded Lenses:

TikTok’s brand lenses are the same as those provided by Instagram and Snapchat. Filters differ from face filters to dynamic effects and augmented reality concepts. 

Top Views:

Relevant to brand takeover, this type of ad type appears during the application is opened. 

Anyhow, TopView lets the videos such as the In-feed video be used for the advertising element. 


TikTok is one of the popular short-form video-sharing social media platforms. TikTok is especially famous among teenagers, and it has more than 1 billion monthly users on Android and iOS. It has seen a potential growth in terms of popularity and usage. And the type of video content shared on TikTok has changed a lot. If you need to attract new audiences to your account, create engaging content. 

Are you thinking about how to create compelling content to boost your followers?. Read this article to learn interesting video content ideas to get more likes, views and grow your followers.

1. Participate In Social Media Challenges

If your main goal is to gain more followers to your account, then take part in the social media challenges. Simply participating is not enough to get more followers, but sharing your challenges videos on TikTok will help you to gain a massive audience to your profile.

 When your followers grow, likes and views for your TikTok videos also increase simultaneously. When you buy TikTok views, you can improve your view count for your videos. If your videos get more views, the TikTok algorithm pushes your video to for you page.

2. Use Trending Hashtags On TikTok

Another quick way to get more likes and views on your TikTok videos is to create trending videos with relevant hashtags. Search trending hashtags on the platform and create compelling videos using those popular hashtags. Making videos with an already trending hashtag helps your content reach your target audience and gives more video views. 

3. Make Dance And Animal Videos

Everyone likes to see dance videos on social media platforms, and TikTok is especially filled with dance videos. Many people are using TikTok to showcase their dancing talent with the audience. If you are a dancer, then show your talent in TikTok videos. This will help you to gain more followers to your account and give instant views and likes for your videos.

Also, TikTok is a famous platform for sharing animal videos. If you have a pet with you, make creative videos with your pets and share them to get more likes and views.

4. Collaborations With influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the successful tools for reaching more audiences. Sharing videos with influencers make your videos go viral on the platform. Invite influencers in your videos, and it will immediately attract their followers to your TikTok account. You can post videos while meeting your influencer or ask them to share videos about your brand. This strategy is one of the effective ways to increase your followers on TikTok. 

5. Share Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are viral on almost every social media platform, including TikTok. According to the research, educational videos are getting more engagement on the platform. If you want to get more attention for your videos, share videos that educate your audience. With this tutorial, videos share steps to explain the process. If you are a beautician, make a tutorial on how to use makeup products that will help you to gain more likes and views and new followers to your account. 

6. Create Food And Cooking Videos

Most of the people on every social media like to follow accounts that share food posts and videos. If you like to cook, then share cooking videos with your followers. To get more interaction, share some easy and exciting tips for cooking to attract foodie followers to your account. If you are not well in cooking, don’t worry. You can also share food posts that you eat.


Hopefully, these six video ideas have inspired you to create winning content on the platform. If you want to grow a massive audience to your account, try different types of video ideas with your style to succeed on the platform.